Window Cleaning

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  • Residential
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Window Washing Facts:

Clean windows are clean windows, rain or shine!

As window cleaners , we know it isn’t rainwater that leaves residue. The real culprit is air particles such as dust, pollen, and car exhaust that have already settled on the surface and mix with the rain to leave a real mess.

Even here in the damp climate of Wasilla  there’s no reason to wait until the rains go away to have your window washing done. Our window cleaning crew is licensed, bonded and insured.  Contact us for a free estimate!

 Every job may be a little different, but our general procedure for getting your windows their cleanest is:

1. Remove all screens, glass ventilators, and metal grids.

2. Apply the correct amount of cleaning solution for the current weather  conditions and size of the windows, and clean the frame with a sponge.

3. While window is wet, squeegee in a fanning motion to ensure that there is no residue or streaking.

4. Wipe down all screens, ventilators and grids and replace them.