What is the Difference Between Custodial Services and Janitorial Services?

For Alaska companies seeking maintenance help for their commercial properties, choosing between a custodial and a janitorial service can be confusing. Performing janitor services includes and is limited to keeping the inside and outside of a commercial structure clean. This involves cleaning bathrooms, carpeting and flooring. Keeping workrooms and their tables clean is also included, as well as keeping trash cans empty.

The duties of a custodial service includes these janitorial tasks, plus they do inside and outside repair and maintenance tasks that cover the entire commercial property. Custodial services can also team up with other providers as part of a total maintenance package.

A professional janitorial service can tailor a contract for any specific client, detailing how often and exactly what the customer wants done. The client can contract a service to clean on a daily basis for a year or more. For best results and peace of mind, it’s always prudent to find a cleaning service that is properly insured. Hiring a company that uses the latest technology can get any cleaning job done faster.

Finding a dependable commercial cleaning service is often more difficult for business owners located in smaller Alaska communities far from the big cities. It becomes critical that they hire a company with an experienced and able crew that will do the job right.