What is LEED and Why Should my Office care?

Does your office know about LEED yet? You should. LEED, the government’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design program, is leading an initiative that’s transforming office buildings across the country. If you’re aim is to stay ahead of the curve by lowering your overhead and looking good while doing so, you need to know about LEED.

It’s called “green housekeeping,” and it’s the way today’s companies are saving money by reducing their footprint. We know that a smaller footprint means smaller office maintenance budgets, and many buildings already require it. While others are only just learning of the benefits that green housekeeping has to offer, it’s still early enough to be one the first to get your foot in the door of this intitiative.

Here’s the best part – janitorial companies are ready to pick up the reigns. Now, your housekeeping staff can offer more than clean, well-maintained facilities – they can offer savings. LEED buildings have proven to reduce water bills and energy costs, sometimes as much as 40%, but the environmental savings are the truly invaluable component of the program.

By giving back to their communities, LEED-certified properties are increasing property values and making big gains in the process. LEED certification can lead to zoning allowances and tax rebates that not only offer commercial incentives, but also lead to an increase in overall resources that benefit the entire community. We all know that a better community means a better business.

In fact, LEED-certified buildings have proven to successfully promote higher leases while garnering faster lease-up rates. People, and their businesses, want to be a part of the solution, and property owners can offer up that opportunity with minimal hassle and maximum benefit. Green housekeeping will truly be the buzz word of property maintenance in the coming years.

With nothing to lose but higher taxes, and everything from lower utility costs to improved community status to gain, this trend will continue to gain momentum as environmental concerns continue to grow. Look into LEED, and be among the first to share in its rewards.