What type of first impression does your facility make?

New customers form their first impression of your business within 30 seconds of entering it. In fact, their impressions began to form before they even enter the building, as customers relate the outside appearance of your facility to the quality of product or service inside.

So, if you’re in charge of the janitorial service provider for your business, make sure they are doing all they can to make the right impression on your clients and visitors. Even if you have in-house staff providing the office cleaning, they can use these simple steps to improve the first impression your company is making:


•           Purchase or rent entry way mats to place in front of your facility. It’s even better if they can be customized with your company’s name and logo. Not only do they announce your company in an impressive way, they will trap more than 70% of the surface dirt normally tracked into your building. This helps keep your lobby/ reception areas looking impressive and also reduces your office cleaning costs. All you do is hose them down or have a laundry service rotate in clean ones on a regular basis.


•           Make sure the glass in your front door and windows are impressively clean. When it  rain’s the unsightly mineral deposits left by our occasional ran make your entryway look unused and uncared for. If your janitorial service provider doesn’t do windows, see if they can recommend a window cleaning company. A reputable office cleaning company will have a list of referral sources they can share with you for things like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, alarm services and pest control.


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