The top 3 things to evaluate about a commercial cleaning service

Because most of business owners and managers have a lot on their plates, it is often difficult to take time out of their busy schedules to start cleaning the business office every week or other week. Many business owners and office managers have a building so large that it would probably take them all week to clean the building. This is why the majority of office managers in Wasilla contact or hire a commercial cleaning service to clean the building for them. Below are the top 3 things to evaluate when choosing a corporate cleaning service.

How experienced is the company?
There are many companies out there that consist of an individual or two that suddenly decide they are going to start a cleaning business. While they may be very good at what they do, it is typically a good choice to go with a company that has been established for several years that has quite a few employees. These types of companies often provide great training and are aware of parts of the building that may be hidden from plain site so that they may be cleaned.

What hours does the cleaning service work?
It can be a distraction for employees and clients if you have a group of cleaners enter your office during a meeting to complete the necessary cleaning. Look for a company that operates during hours that your business is closed or hours that clients will not be in the building. Many commercial cleaning services work in the evening, during the night, or on the weekends.

Do they have a good reputation?
It’s important to research the internet and to ask others about the company’s reputation. Although nobody likes to face it, there are many small commercial cleaning services out there that do not do background checks that may have a thief working for them.

With a little research for these three questions, you should be able to determine if you have found a good commercial cleaning service for your company. Most established cleaning companies are well priced and do a great job!