The Importance of Janitorial Management

Expertise in janitorial management has become a requirement for providers of janitorial services around the country. Owners of office building structures and property managers have become choosier when it comes to selecting the company that will be in charge of keeping spaces clean. A recent case in point that illustrates how janitorial management has become a foremost concern for property management can be found in Parkersburg, West Virginia, where the Wood County Justice Center received two bids from janitorial services providers. The bids range from $37,000 to $53,844 on an annual basis, including equipment and supplies.

The wide range observed in the janitorial bids received has a lot to do with the efficient management of a cleaning service. The aforementioned bids include material expenses as well as labor, but they also have to adhere to certain requirements set by the courthouse. Commercial cleaning companies that have personnel who have been formally educated in management can be trusted to provide bids that are reasonable and attainable. Commercial property managers who evaluate bids received for janitorial contracts are likely to request a professional resume to check for education.

There are multiple factors involved in managing a cleaning services company. It’s crucial that janitorial managers know about the careful scheduling of cleaning staff to ensure that constant coverage is provided to the clients. The selection of equipment and products to use and the reporting of environmental issues are also subjects of expertise within the janitorial management field.