Pressure Washing

Power Washing Facts:

  • Power washing is the quickest way to improve the exterior appearance of any home or building. It removes dirt, pollen, mold, and mildew, often reducing the need for more expensive improvements.
  • Power washing keeps business signage looking its best, and clears walkways and decks of moss growth, making them safer.
  • Repainting? Power washing is the best way to ensure a contaminant-free surface, helping paint adhere and last a great deal longer.

Our pressure washing crew is licensed, bonded and insured.

Each job is a little different, but here is the procedure for most of our pressure washing work:

1. Pre-inspection. The area to be pressure washed is surveyed, and any potential problem
areas such as especially heavy dirt, dust, moss, mold, or algae are noted by the service

2. Equipment. The proper equipment for the specific job is chosen including nozzles,
pressure and water temperature settings, and an eco-friendly cleaning solution if
one is to be used.

3.  Pre-Soak. Working in sections, each area to be cleaned is soaked with water and/or
cleaning solution at low pressure to loosen or remove outer layer of grime and
to better prepare surface for pressure washing.

4.  Pressure Wash. Area is pressure washed in sections working top to bottom using the
proper pressure tip, water temperature, and cleaning solution for the job at hand.

5.  Post Inspection. Area is re-inspected by the service technician to ensure a thorough
cleaning has taken place.