How Often Should My Home Be Professionally Cleaned?

Unfortunately, there really is no clear cut answer. Some people prefer to get their home professionally cleaned every week, every month or once or twice a year. To determine how often you should get your home professionally cleaned, you need to consider two very important factors: budget and upkeep.

1. Budget

Obviously, it would be nice to get your home professionally cleaned each and every day, but realistically, that’s not an option for most people….not to mention it would be a tad bit unnecessary.  But knowing how much of your funds you can spend on a professional cleaning service without breaking the bank will determine how often your home can be professionally cleaned.

2. Upkeep

Another factor to consider is upkeep. How often you clean in between visits from a cleaning company and what you clean will all determine how often a cleaning company should visit. Additionally, the amount of dirt and debris you collect in between visits will also factor into the decision.  If your home gets a lot of foot traffic and visitors throughout the week, then it’s likely that your home will need to be professionally cleaned sooner rather than later.

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