Office Odors Hinder Productivity

Many of us feel that going to the office every day stinks. But when that is literally true, experts say that overall productivity takes a huge hit. Simply put, when office personnel are distracted by offensive odors, they stop working, and turn their thoughts exclusively to how they can get relief from the stink.

We’re going to leave the personal hygiene aspect out of our discussion for now, and talk about the things that we as an office cleaning company can help you with. For instance: trash that doesn’t get emptied enough; the fridge, sink, and microwave that are growing science experiments; the carpet that harbors mold and mildew; and of course, the restrooms.


These often omnipresent offensive office odors can be a huge problem for any business owner or facilities manager who cares to provide a pleasant and productive place for employees/tenants to conduct their daily activities.

Everyone notices odors [interesting evolutionary quirk: our noses detect bad smells more easily than nice ones] but some people are indeed more sensitive to stink than others. For all of us, however, experts say that bad smells trigger several receptors at once, and cause the body to react as if to danger. We’re going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the “fight or flight” response is perhaps not the most fruitful of working mind-sets.

And while we’ve only mentioned employees so far, you also need to consider the effects of office odors upon visitors, clients, and daily customers. Remember: first impressions are just important for businesses as they are for people.

So what are the prime olfactory office offenders and how can office cleaning help to keep your work space as pleasant smelling as possible?

  • Trash and Recycling: Take it out as needed (all of it, every receptacle) and clean the receptacles as needed as well.
  • Break Room: Completely clean out the fridge weekly, keep up with the dishes, deodorize the sink, and clean the microwave. Also: consider opening windows during peak lunchtime use, and closing the door to keep strange food smells from wafting through the office.
  • Carpet: Your carpet needs to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to eliminate any mold or mildew that it may be harboring, remove smelly stains, and to clean up all those unpleasant things that may have come tromping in on the bottoms of shoes.
  • Restrooms: Clean daily, deep clean regularly, and install fans and automatic air fresheners/odor neutralizers.

With just a few minutes a day, you can keep your office clean and free of offensive odors. Alternative plan: you could just pass out clothespins to personnel and visitors.