Office Maintenance: Customer Loyalty

A loyal customer is a friend that money can’t buy.  Unless of course you’re Mark Zuckerberg then I will be your best friend and we can Facebook all day.  But on a serious note, spending money on someone hoping they will be your friend in return will only have them coming back if you spend again. Getting to know someone and building chemistry creates a bond like no other.  This friendship built on emotion will most likely not be shattered by someone who spends cash.  Once again, unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg. Customer retention is when janitorial companies pay customers to remain customers.  Professional office maintenance companies that devote the time in activities to increase the customers’ willingness to spend create customer loyalty. Premier Janitorial Services Solutions is here to inform readers and consumers alike that retaining customer loyalty is imperative to the success of your business down the road.  Maintaining a strong customer base is vital in a cleaning industry where growing competition and the janitorial marketplace is ever changing.

Here are some tips on how to create, maintain, and improve customer loyalty in a janitorial environment. These general steps are:

  • Constant and consistent communication.  Strong customer relationships are built on the foundation of high-quality communication.  Using any opportunity to contact a decision maker for dialogue will help maintain a strong customer relationship.  Regular e-marketing will also keep customer up to date with cleaning products and janitorial services.
  • Understand your customers’ business needs.  Determine how your cleaning products and janitorial services help your customer improve their performance.
  • Enhance the level of quality of service.  Customers who are satisfied with the level of quality service will more than likely return for a future purchase.  Customer focused cleaning products and rewards also contribute to a satisfied customer because they feel that business is centered on them as an individual.
  • Customer feedback.  In any relationship, you don’t want to do all of the talking.  Have your customers give both positive and negative feedback about your janitorial service.  This information will help you gain a better understanding of what you’re doing right and any improvements that need to be made to your janitorial service.
  • Reward customers for their loyalty.  A relationship marketing program can be used as a form to reward customers.  As you get to know your customer more, you’ll be able to tailor a maintenance program that addresses their individual requirements.  This will allow you to build a detailed database of your customers and further build your relationship with them for the long-term.

Placing customer loyalty above business profits illustrates the importance of customer value and uses them as a focal point of a professional office maintenance company.  Exceeding the expectations of a customer will create loyal supporters for your professional office maintenance company.