Some (Not So) Fun Facts About Office Dust


1. Some experts estimate as many as nine out of ten computers that fail do so because of their components being choked with dust.

2. Allowing even a tenth of an inch of office dust to collect within your HVAC system can decrease its efficiency by more than 20%.

3. Around 20% of the American population is allergic to one of the elements of indoor office dust. Allergies have been proven to negatively affect productivity, and to cause absenteeism.

4. Studies have shown that a square yard of carpeting under normal to heavy use can accumulate upward of one pound of office dust in an average week.

5. Studies indicate those who regularly work where there is a lot of office dust have a higher risk of lung cancer, heart problems, chronic allergy and asthma issues, skin problems, and even depression.

6. Some recent studies have found that dust can contain traces of pesticides that have long been banned, such as DDT, as well as particles carried on the wind from distant continents.

7. And what else does dust contain? Well there are components that are unlikely to raise eyebrows such as fabric particles, salt and ash, along with (brace yourself) flakes of human skin and fingernail filings, bits of insects, pet dander, and fungal spores.

8. And last but not least, we now turn to everybody’s unwitting pets, dust mites: Dust mites don’t bite, but they and their detritus can cause havoc with allergies and eczema. In the home, they are present in bedding and furniture. As far as the office goes, however, their main hangout is the carpet.

So what to do with all this dust? Regular professional cleaning, including carpet cleaning is your best bet (along with using HEPA filtering in your HVAC system)