Medical Office Cleaning for Health

An Experienced Company

Premier Janitorial Services. located in Wasilla provides professional office cleaning services to medical facilities in Wasilla and surrounding cities. Hiring a reliable company’s employees to work at a hospital, nursing home or physician’s office means that a building is sanitized properly according to health code standards. You never need to worry about background screening workers because that is part of our company’s service. Our company has been in business for over 30 years in this area providing trained janitorial staff to medical offices.

Green Cleaning Specialists

Many property managers and business owners have never hired janitorial staff and need to understand the hiring process. Employees responsible for cleaning medical facilities must ensure surfaces are spotless to protect the health of their patients. At the same time, particular safety standards are necessary to make sure the chemicals used for cleaning purposes do not leave odors. Premier Janitorial Services specializes in green cleaning methods that require using gentle chemicals in small amounts. Part of our green cleaning policy includes spraying products on reusable cloths instead of creating excess waste with disposable towels.

We Provide Training

By using our professional office cleaning services, you know that a trained, insured and bonded worker will arrive to get the cleaning tasks completed. This means that if an employee is unable to work at your facility, we are able to send a different one to do the job. We take care of the time-consuming paperwork involved in hiring cleaning staff such as withdrawing their payroll taxes while providing workers’ compensation coverage. Our company trains each employee the safe way to use equipment and cleaning products to avoid injuries.

Providing Cleaning Equipment

Purchasing and maintaining cleaning equipment such as floor scrubbers is extremely expensive. However, when you hire Premier Janitorial Services, we can also provide industrial-strength equipment including carpet shampooers. We are 100 percent responsible for repairing heavy-duty devices used by our cleaning technicians. Medical facilities get to choose from an assorted menu of cleaning services that are available whenever you want them such as just one time or every week.