Why should your janitorial services company have a local office?

You may be used to operating your janitorial service out of your home or other type of building, but you should really plan to move into an actual local office. Here are a couple good reasons why you should have a local office.

It’s professional

Perhaps a professional called your company about a medical office building cleaning job. Would you want that professional to know that there is no actual office that he can visit? There is a good chance that the answer to that question is no. Unfortunately, all too often, that professional does call many janitorial business owners about that medical office building cleaning job, just to discover that there is no physical location for the janitorial business. The result is a lost opportunity with great potential for future clients.

Better organization

A janitorial business means owning a lot of cleaning supplies and machines. You will need a place to store all of your chemicals and machines, and I’m sure you don’t want to store them at your house. Additionally, you need an office for paperwork. Doing essential paper work at your home is not only a distraction, but also dangerous, especially when you need to file important tax papers.


Take your janitorial service to the next level by acquiring a physical office location. You can find an inexpensive location to help you start. Office suites are often very affordable for new business owners. You should find a local office suite building and talk to the owner about an open room.