Janitorial Service Hidden Costs

It lurks in the dark. It cannot be seen in plain sight. It attacks you when you are most vulnerable. You go to bed content but as soon as you hear that closet door knock, emptiness in your stomach is filled with fear. The dreadful thought of what will ensue as you gaze upon the gloomy closet door with your blanket covering your mouth. It comes out and begins to take money out of your wallet. Is it a boogey man that steals? No, it’s hidden costs that you might have missed in the fine print. When hiring a professional office maintenance company, make sure that the pricing are all inclusive. A service contract will be signed with the outsourcing janitorial company that should cover all of the details of the janitorial service provided.  Premier Janitorial Services Solutions is here to inform readers and consumers alike that there are janitorial companies who will start out with a low rate but you will find yourself paying more than expected. The rate should include everything that you want accomplished. Any add-ons or changes will bring about hidden costs such as: washing windows, cleaning the refrigerator, etc.

Here are some tips on what to look for in a contract when determining what you want accomplished. These steps to avoid hidden costs are:

  • Thoroughly read the potential service contract.  You need to check to see if all of your company’s needs have been met by the professional office maintenance company.  Effort put into fully understanding the potential service contract will help alleviate any problems that could arise in the future.
  • Research on how long the professional office maintenance company has been in the business. A start-up company may not give you the same quality and dependable service as a janitorial company that’s been in the cleaning industry for a long time.  Also, researching these companies will help you determine whether or not the janitorial company nickel and dimes customers.
  • Asking for references from the professional office maintenance company then following up with phone calls.  Ask the company if they are satisfied with the janitorial service and if there have been any issues with hidden costs.

The logical act would be to compare prices that are all inclusive between professional office maintenance companies.  When the ruthless provisions in fine print of a service contract are removed, then customers will get the service expected. Focusing on customer service is a major factor in avoiding hidden costs.  Having a dependable customer service will help relieve your mind of any tricks or hidden costs your professional office maintenance company may pull.