One of the reasons we’re your best choice for Premier Janitorial Services is because we are professionals at cleaning all types of facilities. We are experienced at maintaining commercial space, industrial centers, churches, banks, daycare centers, retail facilities, colleges and universities.

We have a wide variety of services. We can take care of your carpets with regular deep cleaning, and we can also provide maintenance for your hard floors with professional stripping and waxing.

We schedule your cleaning times to match your needs. We can clean weekly or daily. For the busiest facilities, we can provide day porter service – keeping your high traffic areas clean and well-stocked with supplies.

Forward Thinking:

At Premier Janitorial Services we are on the cutting edge in more ways than one:

  • We pay our employees more than our competitors, thus are able to attract and retain the best.
  • We are customer-centric. We know the foundation of our sucess isn’t our ability to keep track of dollars and cents; it’s our ability to maintain great relationships with our customers.
  • We can provide cutting-edge techniques and approved chemicals for safe and effective medical cleaning.
  • We provide 24/7 emergency service to help you in a crisis, since even the best-run businesses have unexpected emergencies.

Call us today to find out how Premier Janitorial Services can help your Wasilla/Anchorage business.