The in’s and out’s of Business Cleaning

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the office, germs are the last thing on the minds of the workers. Your business cleaning expertise can help these hard workers stay on top of their game and away from germs that can slow them down.

In today’s fast paced business world, many workers choose to eat their lunches at their desk while they work—a great idea if you want to multi-task and get work done—however this creates a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This is where your attention to detail as a business cleaning expert comes into play. When dusting around the desk area, be sure to check under and behind the keyboards, this is a prime location for germs and bacteria. The accumulation of dust is a key element in the war on germs, so being thorough when dusting is often the first and best line of defense with it comes to business cleaning.

When vacuuming an office or business, use a hand held vacuum with an attachment that has a soft brush for delicate cleaning of desktops and other sensitive areas. After thoroughly dusting and vacuuming the office, your next step should be to disinfect telephones, keyboards, computer screens, and remote controls. Basically, anything that is handled on a daily basis. Business cleaning experts know that when cleaning delicate equipment the disinfectant or sanitizing spray should never be applied directly, always spray your cleanser on a cloth first, and then wipe down the equipment. It should be noted that cleaning the screens of computers and televisions can be a tedious process, be sure that you always use the correct cleaner as specified by your client.