Infectious Diseases Prevention in Medical Facilities

The prevention and control of nosocomial infections is at the heart of medical building cleaning. Hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices are some of the commercial structures that are known hotspots for microbes and other pathogens. Anyone who visits a health care treatment center is at risk of infection. Patients of all ages, medical practitioners, administrative workers, and even members of the janitorial staff are susceptible to exposure to infectious pathogens.

The severe outbreaks of infectious disease in the 21st century, including H1N1 and SARS, underscore the importance of keeping medical facilities clean and free from the dangers of disease transmission.

Medical building cleaning is a janitorial specialty that is often referred to as environmental services. Keeping a medical facility entails understanding how pathogens gather and how they propagate. The mission of the custodial staff at health care centers is not limited to simply keeping things clean and tidy; it rather extends to using special techniques to ensure that floors and all surfaces are always kept free of infectious agents and other potentially dangerous microorganisms. The focus is on thoroughly cleaning spaces prior to beginning the surface disinfection process. This is done in accordance to guidelines issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The disinfecting solutions utilized must be approved by the EPA.

Cleaning medical facilities involves training the janitorial staff, providing them with the right tools and protective equipment to perform their duties, closely monitoring their work, and fostering their professional development.

Another important aspect of medical building cleaning is the proper disposal of biohazardous waste. There are many special procedures to follow when handling instruments and other disposable materials used in the course of treating patients. Improper disposal of medical waste creates a very hazardous situation, and it can also add to the building owner’s liability.