Are Illegal Aliens Doing Your Office Cleaning?

When it comes to hiring a cleaning company for your office building, there are a lot of factors that you have to take into consideration. With so many things to consider, you may overlook whether the people cleaning your office building are actually citizens of the United States or not. Could you have illegal aliens cleaning your office building? Does it really matter? Here are a few things that you need to consider about the citizenship status of your office cleaners.

No Accountability

One of the problems that come with having illegal aliens clean your office buildings is that they don’t have much accountability. Since they are not in the system, they can be difficult to track. This means that they could potentially steal something of value from your office and run. There had been a number of cases of illegal aliens committing felony crimes while they are working as cleaners. While not all of them are violent crimes, there is a chance that they could be. They could commit a crime and then try to skip the country without any accountability.

Fines and Penalties

Although you probably could not get in trouble for hiring a company that has illegal aliens working for it, the company that you hire could. For example, if the cleaning company uses subcontractors who are illegal aliens, the cleaning company could face large fines or other penalties. This could negatively affect you because the cleaning company may go out of business suddenly after you have made payments to it for services not yet rendered. As a general rule, it is much safer to work with a company who has United States citizens working for it. You won’t have to worry about anything unexpected coming up in regards to the United States Customs Department.

Communication Problems

Another problem with hiring office cleaning companies that employ illegal aliens is that you may have a hard time communicating with them. While this could be true with United States citizens, it is less likely to happen. People who come here illegally from other countries may not take the time to learn English, which could make it difficult to communicate with them. If you have some special requests of the office cleaning company, they may not get done according to your specifications.

Overall, it is usually much easier on you to simply hire office cleaning companies that employ American citizens. You’ll also be doing your part to make sure that United States citizens have jobs, which boosts the economy.