How to Select a Company for Office Building Cleaning

There are many factors to consider when looking for a janitorial service to provide office building cleaning. You want to make sure that cleaning staff is well trained in cleaning methods as well as safety issues.

If the office is a LEED building or is looking to get LEED certification, you may also need a company with expertise in green cleaning and the ability meet USGBC compliance requirements. Indoor air quality of office environments can be adversely affected by harsh cleaning chemicals, so even if buildings don’t have LEED requirements, you still want to make sure the chemicals used for cleaning will be safe even for people with chemical sensitivities, while also making sure the cleaning is effective.

When you are looking for high quality office building cleaning, look for a company that is experienced with not just commercial janitorial services, but with offices. Work with your janitorial company to develop a program that suits your needs, budget, and uses the appropriate cleaning chemicals to meet your needs. You also want to make sure that the company has staffing levels that will suit your office building’s needs.

In negotiating janitorial contracts, you should also look at contract length as one of your data points in making a decision about which service to select. Make sure the cleaning company’s contract meets your ongoing needs.

Lastly, when selecting a janitorial service, you will want to understand the BOMA measurement of your building’s square footage. There are various methods of measurement, but BOMA is widely used because it is only taking into consideration the rentable square footage area. BOMA will give you the most accurate representation of the area that needs to be cleaned and serviced.