Green Cleaning Benefits Your Health, the Community and the Environment

Keeping the  home clean is a top priority for many of us. Those who do not have the time to tidy up their home hire a cleaning company to do the job for them and those who do have the time spend hours scrubbing, wiping, spraying polishing and what  not until they feel their home is spotless. A clean home provides a healthy environment however did you know that there are some cleaning products that can actually turn your indoor air even dirtier than before you cleaned your home? Quite the irony but this is true according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA.


How is this possible?


Most commercially sold cleaning products have what is referred to as VOCs or volatile organic compounds and these compounds pose a risk to one’s health. According to research conducted by the EPA the levels of VOCs are twice to five times higher in homes than outside. THe EPA added that the results were the same regardless of location. This is an astonishing find and is cause for concern. Aside from this, chemical residue from common household cleaning products such as dishwashing soaps and detergents eventually find its way into the environment and start polluting streams, rivers and groundwater. The health threat posed by these harmful compounds can spread to communities. Additionally these compounds are very damaging to the planet.


You can help protect the health of your household, the community and the environment by going green in your cleaning products. Instead of buying commercially sold cleaners that come with these compounds, you can turn to toxic-free and safer alternatives such as homemade cleaners.


DIY Cleaners


  • To make your very own all-purpose cleaner simply mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of water then add a tablespoon of castile soap. Give it a good shake and voila you have your all-purpose cleaner. Put this in a spray bottle. This is great for cleaning sinks and counters.


  • You can make your very own glass cleaner that doesn’t streak. Just mix a cup of water with a cup of vodka or pure grain alcohol. You can also combine a cup of vinegar and a cup of water.


  • For hard to remove stains, you can use baking soda and castile soap. Simply mix the two ingredients to make a paste and you have your scrub cleaner.


  • To get rid of mold and mildew stain, combine vinegar and salt until  they reach a paste-like consistency then apply to affected area.


  • You can have your wooden furniture look polished and shiny again with  just vegetable oil  and lemon juice. Simply mix equal amounts of the two ingredients to create a homemade wood polish. To use this polish, simply rub onto your furniture.