How to evaluate a low bid building maintenance vendor

As any building management firm, manager or owner knows, put out requests for proposals for commercial janitorial services and it’s hard to get out of the way fast enough. The volume of proposals is enough to nearly knock anyone over. What’s most surprising is just how the pricing, offerings and style of the different janitorial services firms run the gamut. Some are high-priced and promise the world, while other quotes on the opposite end of the spectrum.

A fair manager or owner looks at all bids. Exploring options is the way managers and owners keep everything running smoothly and at the best value for the money. Take the highest bidder without regard for their reputation, work ethic and integrity, and it could mean the only thing getting cleaned out is a bank account.

On the other hand, there is a potential risk that might pay off. It’s that of choosing the lowest bidder. They could be new to business, just opening their own janitorial services firm after decades of building experience climbing the ladder from janitor to manager of another firm. Or, they know the value of providing quality services at an affordable price.

When exploring the lowest bids the key is to make sure they are technically going to meet the building’s needs. Create a checklist prior to looking at bids and make sure that the bidders all meet the criteria before looking at the pricing. Identify the honest janitorial firms whose estimates detail important items, such as terms of engagement and whose work is up to par. Once all eligible bidders identified, go with the lowest bid that remains. Seek out firms that have a reputation of excellent work within Wasilla.

It sounds much easier than it really is to find the right janitorial services company. Though, rest assured the right firm will show up among the many bidders. Choose wisely .