An Efficient Office Cleaning Company

A customer walks into a building and is hit by the stench of poor office cleaning.  The customer is appalled by the sight and smell of the facility that the customer leaves resulting in lost sales.  An inefficient professional office cleaning company is equivalent to an inefficient employee.  Paying for a service yet wondering exactly what you’re paying for implies reduced production.  Many have experienced the results of inadequate office cleaning.  Dust, cockroach infestations, grime, crumbs, bacteria, and an unpleasant smell all contribute to a negative workplace.  Poor office cleaning can lead to mice infestation, which damage walls, cabinets, paper, wires, and spread diseases.  An employee might try to move the cursor on the computer screen not realizing that the wrong mouse is being held.

An efficient office cleaning company maintains superior customer service.  Here are some tips on what to look for in determining an efficient office cleaning company.  The tips are:

  • Interview the cleaning company who will be responsible for maintaining your facility.  It is important to spend time with the cleaning contractors before making the final decision to learn and gain a better understanding of the cleaning industry.
  • High-quality customer service is a must.  Knowing that reliable customer service is there when it is needed to help clarify questions and provide further service gives you that peace of mind.
  • A quality control plan that states your cleaning specifications designed to meet your requirements.  A work schedule organized according to each area and visibly displayed.
  • Companies that provide detailed information on how their staff is trained and any qualifications they have received.

Having in-house janitorial service is effective but not efficient.  At some point the cleaning process must be overseen and janitorial supplies must be provided.  Hiring a professional janitorial cleaning company will provide the necessary janitorial supplies and utilize the most efficient cleaning techniques to guarantee the utmost quality with optimal results.

Some businesses might believe that cutting costs can be achieved by placing the responsibilities on their employees.  Having an employee perform janitorial work takes up time on the payroll rather than working on assignments that benefit the company.  After all, you hired an intern to write blogs, not clean your toilets.  The overall atmosphere in the workplace will look and feel cleaner.   Outsourcing janitorial cleaning to an efficient professional janitorial cleaning company will handle all of your company’s needs to ensure a healthy workplace and maintain a sense of professionalism.