Do You Need a Maid Service or a Commercial Cleaning Company?

If you run a small office, a retail store, a larger office or another type of business facility, you no doubt are trying to find the perfect company to work with for your janitorial and cleaning needs. Many smaller offices and stores hire a local maid service for weekly or semi-weekly cleaning in their office after hours. However, most commercial businesses will benefit from tmore extensive and thorough cleaning services offered by a commercial cleaning company.

What a Commercial Cleaning Company Is
A local maid service can certainly vacuum, dust, clean the bathrooms and counter tops in your break room and more as frequently as you schedule the cleaning service to be performed. However, in most cases, the services of a maid service will end with these basic cleaning tasks. A commercial cleaner, however, offers you a full range of janitorial needs. Everything from periodic professional carpet and upholstery cleaning to changing light bulbs, recycling and responding to emergency cleaning requests in the middle of the day can be provided to you through a commercial janitorial service.

Exploring Your Needs
Clearly, the services of a commercial cleaning or janitorial company are far more encompassing than a simple maid service offers. As you decide which is best for your needs, it is best to examine your current needs. Your most recurring needs may be to have someone empty the trash cans, vacuum the floors and clean the bathrooms. However, how many times have you been in need of janitorial services during the day? Are your highly skilled staff cleaning up the board room before or after a big meeting when they could be doing other things that make better use of their skills and talents? When was the last time your furnishings or carpet were professionally steam cleaned? Are your blinds in need of professional cleaning?

By reaching out and talking to a commercial cleaning and janitorial company today, you can learn more about the services they can provide. Many of these companies will provide you with the ability to customize a service to meet your specific needs. The fact is that most commercial businesses can benefit from more extensive cleaning services than a local maid company can provide. Whether you need on-site janitorial service throughout the day or simply need a more complete cleaning service offered after-hours, you can consider customizing your cleaning services more thoroughly by working with a commercial janitorial company.