What Are The Differences Between Home Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning?

There are two types of cleaning companies in the janitorial services field: home cleaning and commercial cleaning. What makes one different than the other? Why do some companies specialize in just one category, while others cover both? If you don’t own a business, these are a few differences you may not be aware of.

  1. It’s Not An Option

For business owners, finding a cleaning company is a necessity rather than a privilege. To ensure a happy workplace, it needs to be clean and well maintained. Everything is different in commercial buildings, down to the carpet the employees walk on. Carpets in office buildings tend to be dense and made to withstand a lot of traffic. This means more dust and stains accumulate, which makes cleaning it a harder job.

  1. A Personal Touch

Home cleaning is a more personal experience. The cleaning crew works closely around your valuable possessions and belongings. There is an extra degree of trust that must be invested before leaving them to do the job. Many people stay in the home with the maids for the first few times just to ensure nothing is taken. Even if the company comes highly recommended, this has become a standard practice of homeowners.

  1. It’s In The Details

There are also more restrictions and demands in home cleaning since different people want some things cleaned while others don’t. It often takes longer for the maids to cleaning service to complete the job. Commercial cleaning tends to go faster because it is the same process in almost every building. This includes the products and equipment used to clean the buildings. Homeowners sometimes request the cleaning company use cleaning products of their choice instead of what the company offers. It can be for numerous reasons: they like how it smells better, it’s all natural, etc.

If you own a business and need a commercial cleaning service, try to find a company that offers home cleaning as well. It saves you on time and money if you have one company taking care of all your cleaning needs. For a free estimate on your commercial building or home, contact Premier Janitorial Services at (907) 232-9454