Whether your Wasilla/Anchorage company is industrial, educational, or office space, you most likely have a need for commercial cleaning services. If you are looking for an efficient and reliable janitorial company, you can connect with the best by giving Premier Janitorial Service a call.

We’re Local in the Upstate Area

We’ve been in business in Wasilla for over 6 years, and we’re not part of a national franchise.  This “non-franchise” aspect is better for you because we can give you very competitive prices for your commercial cleaning; our overhead isn’t weighted down by sales commissions or franchise fees that go outside the area.  In addition, since we are an independent business, all our payroll taxes and profits stay here in the local area, too.

Why have our customers been so loyal? We believe it’s because of our reputation for delivering quality service, helping out in emergencies, and having excellent security policies.

  • We’re licensed, bonded and insured.
  • We perform background checks on all employees
  • We pay a higher wage than our competitors.
  • We have an emergency 24/7 service for our commercial cleaning customers for those crisis times when “it can’t wait.”
    • We pay attention to you and the needs of your property. Maintaining a great relationship with our clients is critical to our success.

Call for a Free Consultation

Give Premier Janitorial Service a call at (909) 232-9495 or email us.  We’ll meet with you at your Wasilla or Anchorage facility and provide you with a commercial cleaning quote that’s customized to your needs.