Clean Offices Promote Health and Morale

Keeping an office clean is not simply a matter of aesthetics. Retaining office cleaning services helps to keep employees healthy, thereby boosting the bottom line of a business enterprising by improving productivity and lessening the losses caused by workers who must take time off due to illnesses.

Studies performed by health departments in the United Kingdom and in Southern California have shown a significant correlation between companies that hired office cleaning services and those that neglected to keep their workplaces clean. According to those two research studies, employees working at office spaces which failed to keep minimum housekeeping standards found themselves calling in sick and missing days off work in higher numbers than their counterparts working at offices which are kept nice and clean.

Upper respiratory ailments are some of the most commonly reported reasons for missing work days at the office. The rate of incidence of these health conditions can be sharply reduced by maintaining hygiene measures such as dusting, floor cleaning, vacuuming carpeted areas, and wiping off surfaces. Unclean restrooms and cafeterias can be a dangerous source of bacterial and fungal infections as well.

The benefits of clean office spaces aren’t limited to physical health. Employers who wish to hire and retain the best and brightest minds within their staff are strongly encouraged to establish a regular schedule for office cleaning services to come in and keep the place in adequate sanitary conditions. Employers who neglect to do so are more likely to see higher rates of office staff turnover. A messy or unclean office is a pet peeve of many workers who tender their resignation letters unexpectedly, while a clean and tidy office is a great morale booster that makes employees feel comfortable and appreciated.