How a Clean Office Makes a Good First Impression


To make sure you’re sending the right message about your business, be sure to clean your office regularly or hire a company that specializes in office cleaning (like Premier Janitorial Services) to do it for you. Either way, your office should be free of the following items, all definite deal breakers in our book.


Office No-nos

1. Dead Plants – If you can’t keep a plant alive or at least throw it away, how do you handle your clients?

2. Hand Prints – Depending on your business, dirty hand prints can be a HUGE turn-off.

3. Smelly Carpets – The smell of your office will reach a customer before you do. Don’t let it be foul!

4. Food – We all eat, but messy, unkempt work spaces covered in crumbs and wrappers will have customers running for the hills.


Not only does a clean office create a good first impression, it also boosts morale and productivity. You know what they say, an organized space is an efficient space.