Most modern commercial buildings use carpeting for the bulk of their office space flooring. Carpet has excellent wear characteristics but because it’s fiber-based, the cleaning and maintenance processes are different from other floor coverings

In the facilities we clean, our crews routinely “vacuum plus spot clean” carpeting as part of our nightly cleaning service. But any professional carpet steam cleaning service will tell you that to ensure the longest life for your carpeted floors, they need deep cleaning (restorative cleaning) on a regular basis. The restorative cleaning removes embedded particles that cause wear and tear.

Benefits of a Carpet Maintenance Plan

A comprehensive maintenance plan for your carpeted floors brings several benefits to your working environment: some direct and some indirect. These benefits include:

  • Maintaining the value of your property
  • Accenting the aesthetics
  • Encouraging topophilia (affection for place) in the people who work in the building
  • Ensuring sanitation and reducing adverse exposure levels.

Important  Carpet Maintenance Activities

If you are a facilities manager for commercial building, make sure your carpet maintenance plan includes these five elements:

  • Soil containment – using entrance mats to isolate the soil entering the building
  • Vacuuming – for removing dry soil
  • Spot and Spill Removal System – using professional spot removal techniques
  • Interim Cleaning – regular scheduled appearance cleaning for all high-traffic areas
  • Restorative Cleaning – regularly scheduled deep cleaning to remove soils and residues trapped in the deeper levels of the carpet pile. In many facilities we use full high pressure steam cleaning for carpet restorative cleaning in office buildi