Call Premier: A Broad Range of Janitorial Services

Our well-trained staff can handle any janitorial services you require:

  • We take care of medical centers, churches, banks, retail stores, and universities.
  • We have the most modern cleaning equipment for hard floor maintenance and steam cleaning carpets.

Disciplined and Well-Trained Staff

We have disciplined staff, trained on cleaning to high standards.

Here’s a quote from our owner, Todd Coleman, about restroom cleaning:

“You don’t cut corners in a restroom. It’s something we do top to bottom every night, the tops of the partitions even the bases – and behind the toilets, something most people don’t think of. We use disinfectants in there, and we hit all the touchable surfaces. We make sure all the bright work is shined – the chrome – everything is shiny when we leave. It’s a place you can feel comfortable with when we’re finished.”



At Premier we are aware of the trust and responsibility given to us when you place the keys to your establishment in the hands of our personnel. We run all our employees through a background check before they are hired. Plus, our pay rate is a bit higher than our competitors, so we are able to attract the best workers for our cleaning crews.

Not too big or too small

Our satisfied customer list is very diverse. There is no business too big or too small. We provide commercial cleaning for large academic institutions, as well as for mom-and-pop businesses.

Call Us Today

Give us a call at Premier for your Premier janitorial needs. We’re well established, we’re local, and we care about our customers.