Business Cleaning and a Door into the Future

In this day of pink slips, a slipping stock market and investment accounts that head south instead of north, there’s no better investment than owning a company that does business cleaning.

General office supplies

There are a few basic items necessary when starting a business cleaning company. The list includes large trash bags, a vacuum cleaner, broom and a dust pan, disinfectant spray and antibacterial wipes, glass cleaner, furniture polish, dust cloths, disposable gloves, floor cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner and toilet bowl brush.

Building a Business

Make a general list so that all the business cleaning company’s employees know what needs to be done. Start with straightening up the reception area by making sure all the chairs and tables are in their proper place. Tidy any magazines, knick-knacks, etc. Empty all the trash cans. Dust tables, lampshades, countertops and window sills. Vacuum carpets and rugs and sweep and mop the floors. Clean glass doors to remove smudges and fingerprints. Finally, shake out welcome mat.

Once a month, spot clean carpets in high traffic areas clean and clean the windows.

A word about kitchens

Though customers rarely see a company’s kitchen, the company employees do, and the kitchen should be spotless for health reasons as well as the fact that a clean kitchen is obviously more welcoming. A thorough business cleaning company cleans sinks and counter tops with a good antibacterial cleanser approved for use around food. Wipe down the microwaves, inside and out. Dispose of the trash, sweep and mop the floor, clean the tables and chairs. Change the water bottle, refill disposable cups. Refill supplies such as paper towels, hand and dish soap, and run and load the dishwasher.

A word about the bathroom

As with the kitchen, use a good antibacterial cleanser to wipe down counters, sinks and toilets. Polish mirrors and restock paper towels, toilet paper and soap. Sweep and mop the bathroom floors. Wipe down sink and vanity top, use window cleaner to clean the mirrors.

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