The BOMA Measurement Standard for Office Cleaning

The Building Owners and Managers Organization (BOMA) is an international industry trade group that has been serving the interests of commercial building managers for nearly a hundred years. Today BOMA counts more than 16,000 members in several countries around the world. As an international professional association, BOMA is involved in many issues concerning the commercial property manager profession. The proper and ethical management of commercial structures is a matter of importance for economic development, and to that extent BOMA tackles issues related to operating costs, occupancy, ethics, and office building cleaning.

When it comes to negotiating an office building cleaning contract, professional providers of cleaning services will often make reference to BOMA measurement standards. The first BOMA standards for measuring commercial spaces were established in 1915, and they have been revised numerous times since. Changes in architectural design and building codes make it necessary to revise measurement standards, particularly as it relates to office building cleaning. Property managers who retain a janitorial service are interested in ensuring that their structures are kept clean at all times, and that may or may not include all surfaces.

Office buildings are not measured in the same fashion as retail or industrial structures for the purpose of cleaning. The most recent revisions made to the BOMA standards measure a lot more than just floor space areas. The cost of cleaning office spaces can only be accurately determined and negotiated when BOMA standard measurements are utilized. Janitorial services that do not follow BOMA standards when providing estimates for their office cleaning services are prone to overcharge their clients. Professional services that heed the international BOMA standards can be trusted to accurately consider all costs, from labor to cleaning supplies, when they appraise the value of an office cleaning contract.