Benefits Of A Facilities Maintenance Plan

Any building or establishment that is large enough to have its own maintenance team should consider looking into putting a facilities maintenance plan in place at some point in the near future. While it is true that trained and dedicated individuals can maintain the cleanliness, organization and efficiency of a facility, establishing and following a facilities maintenance plan is a smart move for a number of reasons. Here are three.

Peace of Mind

An official plan that clearly outlines the expectations and approach of the maintenance team will give a business owner peace of mind. By knowing what is expected of the team, no room is left for misinterpretation or half-stepping. The plan certainly isn’t meant to intimidate the staff, but rather to make sure everyone is on the same page, which is the best way to ensure a happy and productive work environment. In fact, many plans are drawn up by owners with the collaboration of the maintenance staff.


Turnover is a reality in any line of business, and when current employees leave and new ones come in there is often a noticeable change in the way their business is conducted, simply as a result of the varying styles and approaches of different people. A facilities maintenance plan will ensure that everyday operations won’t change, even if the names and faces do.


A maintenance plan pertaining to your specific facility will also create an element of responsibility and accountability, as employees will know what is expected of them each and every day, and it will be clear when they have fallen short of their expectations. The plan will also protect the maintenance team from having to do excessive or unapproved tasks before, during or after work. In short, anything that can bring consistency, accountability and peace of mind to a business is worth every penny.