4 Steps to Hiring a Janitorial Service

Building owners and managers are responsible for keeping their property clean. If you’ve ever tried to hire a janitorial staff, you know just how difficult the process can be. When you hire a sub par service, you waste time, money and precious resources.

It is important to hire a great company right off the bat. Take the following steps to hire the best Wasilla janitorial services:

Call Their References

When you have a company in mind, always ask them for references. Once you get the references, make sure to give them a call; lots of people get references and forget to contact them. Before hiring anybody, make sure that their references check out. You can learn more by speaking with a reference than you can learn from talking to a sales rep for hours.

Contact The Person Who Solves Problems

Problems always arise with cleaning accounts; if your contact is genuinely concerned about your problems, they are likely to get solved quickly. Before you hire Wasilla janitorial services, give your primary contact a call. Feel your contact out; try to figure out if the person is loyal and trustworthy.

Check Liability Insurance

Never hire a janitorial service that isn’t covered by general liability insurance. When first interviewing them, make sure that they send you a certificate directly from their insurance provider; this allows you to verify that the policy is current and active. If they give you any grief about this, move on to another company; they probably aren’t worth your time.

Determine Personnel Quality

The Wasilla janitorial services company you hire is only as good as the people who clean your building; it is important for you to find out what type of screening process the company you are hiring uses. Ask them some questions about their hiring process. Try to find out who they hire, their background check policy and if their employees need to pass any safety tests.

Once you take these steps, you get a good feel about the quality of service you can expect. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; the more you know about the company you are hiring, the better decision you can make. If you investigate many services and find an exceptional company, you save yourself time, money and you prevent a lot of headaches.